At FreeBeets our philosophy is natural, organic unprocessed ingredients that are sourced from local farms.  If you are looking for healthy meals created by our culinary team for your office event, meeting, or family dinner then consider FreeBeets Catering. 

Providing healthy catering for small or big groups, including corporate events, home dinners, birthday family parties, and meetings (currently available in Greater Victoria only)


The made-from-scratch office pro brunch menu includes sandwiches, healthy salad bowls, and Chef’ created specials to reflect the seasons.

Choose Healthily, Choose Deliciously, and Choose meals that you will be thanked for.  Choose FreeBeets pro brunch catering.

Elevate your group event with a lunch that combines the perfect blend of healthy and delicious, leaving everyone satisfied and energized.

All office-catered group meals are made fresh every morning with seasonal ingredients that are sliced, chopped, and prepared perfectly. Nothing processed or factory-made.  Freebeets philosophy is just simple, whole, good, and really healthy food prepared to perfection one meal at a time.