How It Work

Ordering and Delivery Policy

By purchasing from FreeBeets, you agree to a meal package that will be delivered every Sunday or Wednesday. We require two business days from the time of purchase to set up your individualized meal plan or combination of a minimum of 6 meals, along with meal delivery. Once you purchase your plan you will be notified when our next available delivery date is. Ingredients are fresh and ordered two business days prior, based on the confirmed number of clients, therefore last-minute cancellations and changes cannot be accommodated.

Delivery days and times are Sunday from 07:00 am to 6:00 pm and Wednesday from 08:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Purchases made between 12:01 pm Monday-12 pm Friday will receive their first deliveries the following Sunday.

Purchases made between 12:01 pm Friday and -12pm Monday will receive their first deliveries on Wednesday.

For delivery Days in your area please scroll down and check at Delivery Areas And Days.

FreeBeets takes all reasonable action to ensure safe food handling and timely delivery within the allotted times provided for regular deliveries. Once a package has arrived at its intended location and has been left with either the concierge or at the door, FreeBeets holds no further liability for the safety of the package or its contents.

Refrigeration Time Allowance: We recommend refrigerating the products within one hour and a half of receiving your package. This ensures that the items remain at the desired temperature to preserve their quality.


Food Handling and Reheating Policy

Please store your meal in the refrigerator (4°C/40°F or -18°C/0°F) if not eaten immediately. Discard the meal after 4 days. When reheating your meal please follow these instructions: TO REHEAT IN OVEN: Poke 2-3 small holes in the plastic film before putting your meal in the oven. Bake at a maximum temperature of 325º F for 12-15 minutes. Check the temperature of the food and continue for a few more minutes if necessary. CAUTION: Heating the container at temperatures greater than 325º F will cause the cover to smoke. TO REHEAT IN THE MICROWAVE: Poke 2-3 small holes in the plastic film before putting your meal in the microwave, and heat on the highest setting for 3-4 minutes. Check the temperature and heat for a few more seconds if necessary. Use the same procedure for the Frozen Breakfast. TO HEAT FROM FROZEN: Place the dish in the microwave oven and heat for 2-3 minutes. Check the temperature of the food and continue for a few more minutes if necessary. PLEASE NOTE: Reheat quickly to 74°C/165°F for at least 15 seconds, reheat once, and discard leftovers. Handle all heated containers with care!!! If the meal has a side sauce plastic container, please take it out of the container before reheating!!! Our containers are recyclable, microwaveable, and oven safe.

Menu Change:

We Change and add new dishes once a week on Friday at 12:00 noon

Subscription customers:

All new meals will be automatically replaced on active subscription  accounts, To select dishes, please log in to your personal account After 12 noon on Friday  and before the due date of payment, subscription customer order renewal every Wednesday


Here is what we are doing to communicate and confirm your order status.

There are 3 notifications:

either via email or text to keep you informed and excited about your meal’s arrival.
informing you that we are preparing your order the day before
giving you a heads-up that your deliciousness is on the truck coming your way
once we have delivered it to you, you will receive a final notification
The email will also provide you with a link showing tracking of your order so sometimes timing varies due to traffic and other circumstances.  The delivery vehicle has a perfect 0 degrees Celsius temperature to guarantee the freshness and deliciousness of your meals.  Please note that it’s important for the meal to be refrigerated within an hour hour and a half of delivery.

Customers on subscription: Please make sure to have empty cooler bags available for pick up.

Delivery Areas

Victoria, James Bay, Oak Bay, Cordova Bay, Esquimalt, Saanich, West Saanich, Sidney,

Westshore, Langford, Colwood, Metchosin, Bear Mountain, Esquimalt, Gorge -Tillicum Area, View Royal, Sooke, Mill Bay, Cobille Hill, Duncan, Cowichan Valley, Ladysmith, Chemainus, Nanaimo

E-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Gift Cards cannot be resold.
Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable.
Gift Cards are not credit or debit cards,
There is no cash back for unused balances on Gift Cards
Gift Card for online use only

Gift Cards purchased online may be paid for with a valid Mastercard or VISA credit card, PayPal
All Gift Card sales are final. You cannot cancel an online order once it has been paid for.
Electronic Gift Cards will be emailed to the indicated recipient on the date specified in the online order.
By making an online purchase of a Gift Card, you represent and warrant to Loblaw as follows:
You are responsible for the accuracy of all information that you provide to Loblaw
You acknowledge that your name, email address, and phone number may be shared with third-party service providers and/or the electronic Gift Card recipient